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The Make-A-Wish Foundation

What the The Make-A-Wish Foundation Australia did for us has had a profound affect on our lives – and others close to us. There is more detail in the ‘Our Story’ section on Liam’s wish (which was featured on national TV (Weekend Sunrise) back in October 2013.

Liam ventured where no child has ever gone before – down an underground diamond mine. It was an incredible experience. We are forever indebted to Make-a- Wish and Rio Tinto for giving Liam (all of us!) this experience. One we will never ever forget. So much so that I am writing a book (called ‘A Miner Miracle’) about it. Stay tuned.

For more details on the wish process and eligibility (basically any child who is diagnosed with cancer) see the link below.

Whatever you child’s wish, it comes deep down from a special place in their heart. The team at Make-a-Wish will make it very special.

Applying for a Wish