Cure Our Kids | The Parents Adviser

Who is Cure Our Kids?

I’d like to make mention of a charity whose support through our cancer journey helped us ‘on the ground’ day in and day out at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead. Without Cure Our Kids, it would have been much harder to get through each day.

I should also mention that as of May 2015, the services Cure Our Kids provided were transitioned over to Redkite – another charity on my list. They are perfectly suited to take over the work of Cure Our Kids. So sadly Cure Our Kids as an entity has come to an end but it couldn’t be a more perfect match to continue the valuable services going forward.

What do / did they do?

Cure Our Kids delivered a range of support services to help families cope with the many challenges childhood cancer presents. This ensures that families, in turn, have the strength and resilience to give their sick child the emotional support they need.

Medical treatment is only half the solution when it comes to childhood cancer.

Since 2001, Cure Our Kids’ mission has been to restore normality to the lives of children with cancer and the families who love them at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead.

Through programs that address the emotional, social and financial needs of brave young patients and their families, Cure Our Kids empowers families to cope with the many painful challenges that childhood cancer presents.

Cure Our Kids received no government funding during it’s time.

Its ability to deliver vital support services to families in crisis relied entirely on the support of generous donors and supporters. This support has, and we hope will carry across to Redkite.

The Parents Adviser & Cure Our Kids

Based on my personal experience during my time on the Oncology Ward, and because of the knowledge gained due to my professional experience over the years, I wanted to help other parents with their finances, to lighten the load in any way possible. This ultimately is how ‘The Parents Adviser’ was born.

I provided (via Cure Our Kids) a ‘Financial Advice & Assistance’ Service to parents on the Oncology Ward at Westmead Children’s Hospital up until June 2015. This service was to help doing ‘the financial stuff’ parents simply don’t have the time or energy to do themselves while their focus is elsewhere.

From June 2015 I am working closely with Redkite to offer a similar service to parents, and also to the 18-24 demographic (if they want it) coming out of treatment and wanting to ‘get back on track’ financially.


AFA Adviser of the Year Nominee 2013

In recognition for the work I was doing with parents via the charity ‘Cure Our Kids’ at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead I was nominated for AFA Adviser of the Year 2013.

The prestigious AFA Adviser of the Year Award represents the pinnacle of achievement for the very best advisers in the industry, and I was very proud to have been nominated. It recognises basically doing something different and worthwhile, which in turn helps develop professionalism and a positive public profile for the industry overall.

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