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The Count Charitable Foundation (CCF)

I wanted to let you know a little about this Foundation. Giving back to the community through charitable organisations is just one of the ways Count Financial (who provides me with my financial planning licence) helps those who are less fortunate achieve their dreams and goals in life.

From July 2016 I am proud to sit as NSW & ACT representative of the Foundation’s Advisory Committee, a great honour for me.

The Facebook page link is here

CCF donations since inception in 2004 are over $6 million thanks to the generosity of Count, its Franchisees and staff. Not to mention Barry Lambert, who founded both Count and the CCF. In 2015 alone over $800,000 was donated to very worthwhile causes.

Count launched the CCF in May 2004, which is recognised by the Australian Tax Office as a public charitable trust.

The objectives of the Count Charitable Foundation are to:

  • Accumulate capital to allow us to increase the amount of donations we make over time; and
  • Provide an easy and accessible way for Count team, advisers and clients to realise their charitable intentions.
  • Encourage philanthropy for the benefit of the Australian community.

The Count Charitable Foundation received initial contributions of $500,000 from Count Financial Limited and $1 million from the ‘Count’ family.

The Advisory Committee makes recommendations to the Trustee as to the beneficiaries of annual donations.

The Count Charitable Foundation donates to charities at Count’s Annual Conference and throughout the year.

The CCF Community Award

This Award is open to Franchisee team members and Count head office team members.

It recognises contributions to the Community, either through volunteering in their spare time to a charitable organisation or for fundraising activities throughout the year.

The CCF then donates $10,000 to a charitable organisation of the Award winner’s choosing.

Countplus one (the practice I worked for at the time) won this award in 2014.

I was then lucky enough to be in a position to select a charity to donate half of the CCF funds to – which was to Camp Quality.

Camp Quality do awesome things for families during their cancer journey, so I chose to donate $5,000 of the funds in this instance to them. This photo was taken on our son Ewan’s first ever ‘Mini-Camp’. He had a ball! The CCF have been donating to ‘Cure Our Kids‘ for several years. I was able to hand over a $10,000 cheque on their behalf at the charity’s General Meeting in 2013. I have also been fortunate to donate to Redkite on their behalf a two lots of $10,000 (in May 2015 and June 2016). In September 206 the CCF also donated to ‘Without a Ribbon’, a charity that supports those fighting are cancers.