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Camp Quality

We really didn’t know much about Camp Quality (CQ) in the very early days of Liam’s treatment but they have been such an amazing help, and inspiration to all of us since they came out to Liam’s school to do a puppet show for his class mates. Liam’s friends had NO idea what was happening to Liam (being only 6 or 7) and CQ really educated them as it was hard for Liam being ‘different’.

This is what is so good about all the support out there. Every charity and organisation comes into play at a different part and time of the journey to make things easier in their own way.

Since we finished treatment Camp Quality has been so uplifting, not just for Liam but for all of us. CQ really want to look out for the siblings, and both Adam and Ewan have had time away (camps and catered weekends) to be distracted from the ‘cancer stuff’. We too as parents also get looked after and pampered. As an oncology parent, when anyone does anything nice for you, anything that you don’t have to plan or think about – I can’t tell you the difference it makes. Camp quality do this in abundance.

Through my involvement within the Count Charitable Foundation I have been able to present a cheque for $5,000 to he organisation that so looks after parents and kids when they really need it. This was Ewan’s (in green) first ‘Mini Camp’ and he absolutely loved it!